This year TURI will be proudly donating funds from The Battle of Bollywood to our chosen charity – THE AKSHAYA PATRA FOUNDATION. We will be working together with the charity to Enable children to exit the poverty cycle by providing Food For Education.

Mr tushar singhania Click here to visit the official Akshaya Patra website

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is the world’s largest non-profit school meal provider, globally recognised as one of the Top 25 NGOs in the World, and have been studied by leading institutions, including Harvard Business School.

Our vision is that no child should be deprived of education because of hunger. We work to eradicate classroom hunger and facilitate childhood education by serving freshly cooked, nourishing lunches to over 1.6 million underprivileged school children in over 13,000 schools across India every day.

Parents are encouraged to send their children to school knowing they are going to receive at least a meal that day. It costs just £10 to provide school lunches for one child, for one whole year through Akshaya Patra. These meals are not just tackling hunger and promoting education, but giving the opportunity for families to come out of the cycle of poverty.


Millions more children across India need the energy and security that our school lunches provide to allow them to access the transformative power of education. We can only reach these children with your partnership – join hands with us and enable them to build a brighter future.

For more details please visit our website