This year we have an EXCLUSIVE item for sale – a limited edition Battle of Bollywood 4  T-shirt for only £11+VAT. You can fully customise each item with your role (Choreo / Dancer / Fan), Team Logo and your own name!

Please fill in the form below to order yours and follow the instructions as the page re-directs to our Paypal page!

Please note there are 2 printing run deadlines:

Delivery end of January 2018 / Early Feb 2018: 31st December 2017 Deadline

Delivery end on show day 17th March 2018: 2nd February 2018 Deadline

Fill in the below details and follow the easy steps to order your clothing today! Orders will then be sent to the team captains who you can co-ordinate with for collection!

Please note – The clothing will be designed on a black base colour to compliment the teams logo.