The Battle


This year sees the Battle of Bollywood return to the stage for the third year. It will have an unprecedented 25 teams battling it out to become the undisputed Bollywood dance champion of the UK.

The event will be split into two rounds – the semi-finals and finals. The semi finals will consist of 23 teams performing a 90 second performance to songs from an assigned star of Bollywood. 8 of these teams will make their way to the final to join two teams from last years event that have automatically qualified. It is here where there will be 10 armies battling for 4 minutes each to be crowned the champions of The Battle of Bollywood III.


The Battle of Bollywood central team always review all song performances and ensure there are no repetition of songs amongst the teams. This year we have evolved the final round to make allowance for remixed versions of Bollywood songs.

Teams will be judged on four aspects:


The team performances will be judged by our panel of 3 expert guest judges who are very well known in their field. In the event of a tie, the audience will be used to decide the final winner of The Battle of Bollywood III!